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Judy Setting Lyme Healing Method
Judy Setting Lyme Healing Method


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Lyme Healing Method

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Dear One,

So glad you’re here.  

Are you frustrated, weary, and completely over it after years of Lyme and treatments?

Do you wonder if sick is forever?

Would you adore a joyful life focused on meaningful relationships and your purpose - instead of pondering the next treatment and/or how to get through your day?

You aren’t alone friend; I deeply get you… as I’ve totally been there.  

Annnnnd, I healed (fully) and now am here for you. I l-o-v-e sharing so you can discover your healing and Reclaiming Living. 

Healing truly is possible using your mind, body, and spirit - even if right now this seems like just a dream.

You can use my unique union of the 5 S’s to heal: Science, Somatic Practices, Spiritual Principles, Success Strategies, and Stoic Philosophy.

This worked twice for me (a second tick found me!) and this was the origin of my Lyme Healing Method.  

I created, designed, and refined this powerful, step-by-step MindBodySpirit transformative approach to turn pain into possibilities.

Healing this way takes 3 R’s:

  • Rewiring Thoughts - with gentle consistency, repetition & practice using, among other tools, my Notice/Rate/Strategy technique,

  • Releasing Anxiety and chronic & traumatic stress - using your hands, bodily movements, and postures to regulate your nervous system for resilience, and

  • Reconnecting with Self - with Prayers, Mantras, and Intentions (PMIs) alongside additional, simple resources.

Your healing and really living is possible.

By Rewiring Thoughts, Releasing Anxiety, and Reconnecting with Self.

With Divine help and my Lyme Healing Method, you can find your way to well.

Sending you mega love beams and healing prayers,


Judy Setting Lyme Healing Method
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