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Judy Setting Lyme Healing Method
Judy Setting Lyme Healing Method

With my unique Lyme Healing Method, your mindbodyspirit

healing and reclaiming living is possible!


You'll learn how to do this by:

* Rewiring thoughts

* Releasing anxiety and chronic/traumatic stress

* Reconnecting with yourself


via effective, simple strategies, techniques, and practices.

In my custom, 1-on-1 coaching 12-week program and more.

Are you longing to heal Lyme after years

of oh-so-many treatments?

Let's Work Together

Preferred Method for Contact:
IG Instant Messaging
How long have you been ill with Lyme?
1-5 Years
5-10 Years
10-20 Years
How well do you feel in mind?
How well do you feel in body?
How well do you feel in spirit?
How many hours/day are you willing to consistently commit to healing?

Listen to Meghan's Lyme Healing Method story...

"Judy's 12-week custom Lyme MindBodySpirit Healing Method Foundation’s Program has been an enormous part of my healing; easily the most important work I've done.  Judy is a precious gift to my life and genuine in her love and care of others' healing.  Her methods of healing mind, body, and spirit are personalized to meet your needs.  The tools I've learned and begun implementing have influenced every aspect of my life.  Judy's coaching and guidance has led me to believe that healing from Lyme is truly possible.  I'm grateful for Judy on this journey and thankful for the new perspective on life, healing, and self."
Meghan B.
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