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Judy Setting Lyme Healing Method
Judy Setting Lyme Healing Method


I've always loved being a helper.  After college and a brief stint as a nurse, I began my pharmaceutical research career.  My first business called Next Phase Research, LLC was in research consulting – and I ran 3 marathons on the side.


After marrying and giving birth, severe Lyme disease practically broke me.  Debilitating, myriad symptoms haunted me day and night including, at times, being unable to move from the neck down or speak.


IV and oral antibiotics literally saved my life plus copious supplements, herbs, HBOT, and more were part of years of treatments.  But, I wasn't close to well.  Years into my Lyme journey, I had unexpected, severe issues from a treatment and hit utter rock bottom.  Sleeplessness, food/environmental sensitivities, pain, anxiety, and depression – plus Lyme symptoms – forced my stay at my parents (due to being reactive and sick in our newly renovated home).


Hopeless and desperate to reunite my family and perhaps heal, I received stem cells yet felt I had to do my part. 


True healing really began when, after a decade and many costly treatments plus about 40 doctors, I turned inward - and upward. Not with some holy intention, I honestly felt there was no place else to turn.  In a laundry room moment next to the dirties, I pleaded with God from my core, 'Here - You take over!  Obviously, my way isn't working.  Whatever I gotta change inside me to heal, I'll do it.'


One moment at a time, I consumed 200+ books on science, spirituality, success strategy, somatic work, and Stoicism; I spent hours praying and seeking amidst my despondency.  Hardly perceptibly at first, yet gradually... glimmers of hope and snippets of peace or clarity arrived.  Imperfectly and little by little, amazingly and miraculously wellness gradually dawned in my life.  


Unknowingly at first, I incrementally rewired many thoughts, released profound anxiety and chronic/traumatic stress, and reconnected with my true self.  And God.  And other people.  Twas a grace and gift beyond compare and I thought my personal journey with Lyme was finally over.


However, that was not the case.


Unexpectedly, another tick bit me and I got sick again!  After panicking, I decided this wasn't going to be wasted nor was it a coincidence.  Maybe... I was meant to heal using only what I had learned 5 years before.  Doubling down, I went for it - keeping notes on all I did while reading and learning more.  It worked!  And, my Lyme Healing Method was born which I KNEW was for helping other women heal too.  


From my heart of hearts, I know keenly the intense desire to fully heal.  If this is you, I feel you and see you and know what you are going through. 


The incredible, albeit perhaps head scratching, news is...  If I can heal using mind, body, and spirit, so can you, dear one.  So. can. you.


Your healing is possible. 


With my mega love beams and heartfelt healing prayers,


Judy Setting, BSN, RN*, CCRA, CTI Trained Coach

Founder, Lyme Healing Method

Rising from Falling, LLC

Delaware’s Lyme Disease Education Oversight Board, Chair

Delaware's Lyme Disease Prevention Task Force, Member 2015

International Coaching Federation, Member


Meet the Team

Nancy Hermes

Richard Carver



I am deeply grateful to many people, some of whom I have never met whose books and insights opened me to healing and to all those who were there for me when healing seemed impossible.  Especially, to God and all of Heaven.

10% or more of profits being gladly donated to Lyme & tickborne disease causes

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